Website Evaluation

Anyone can create a Web site. No one has evaluated the quality or accuracy of the information found on the Web before you come across it. Some Web sites are created by subject experts. However, the vast majority of Web sites are created by non-experts.

It is important to keep in mind that just because information is published in a book or journal, or appears in a movie or on the Web, does not mean that it is true. You must take the time to evaluate the accuracy of the information.

Purpose and content

Some sites provide links to information (e.g., About Our Organization or a Vision Statement) detailing the purpose in creating the Web site. The purpose of other sites might not be obvious at first. Take the time to thoroughly explore a Web site to determine if the information is mostly subjective (biased or opinionated), objective (factual), or mixed.

Ask the following questions:

What is the purpose of the Web site? (Look at the title and headings for clues.)

What is the purpose? To provide research and scholarly information? To provide educational or factual information? To entertain? To advertise, market or sell something? To advocate ideas? To persuade you? Or, is there another purpose?

Is there a link to a mission statement or "About Our Organization" page?

Does the site provide balanced, objective or factual information?

Does the Web site provide subjective, editorial or opinion statements? Is the site a forum for a personal, political or ideological bias?

Is the point of view presented in a direct manner, or is it presented in an unbalanced and unreasonable way? Are arguments well supported?

Design, organization and ease of use

Design, organization and ease of use are important considerations. Web sites can provide useful sources of information; but if they are slow to load and/or difficult to navigate, search or read, then their contribution or usefulness will be diminished.

Ask the following questions:

Is the Web site clearly organized and easy to read, use and navigate?

If applicable, are "Help" or "Search Tips" pages available? Are they easy to understand?

If the Web site is large, is a search capability provided? If so, is it easy to use?

We take care of the above points while making your website.

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