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Create a unique identity on the Web with your own domain name. Register a domain today and make your site and email memorable.

Register a New Domain

Give your website a unique identity.

Reserve a domain name today and give your business a distinct Web address. (, and are examples of domain names.)

By registering for your own domain name, you will:

Create a professional image.
Build your company's credibility
Make it easier for visitors to remember your Web address.

Domain Privacy

Protect your personal information with Domain Privacy!

Every time you register a domain name, your name, address and phone number are entered into a public database that can be viewed and used by anyone. This exposes your personal information to spammers, telemarketers and other undesired third parties.

There is a way to protect your personal information. Domain Privacy service allows you to retain your domain name without having to expose your personal information to the public.

Here's how it works:

Your domain registration information, including the Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts are masked with generic information within public WHOIS databases. You still retain full ownership and control of your domain name.

Requests to view your domain's contact information are filtered and forwarded to you.

You decide whether to respond.

See an example

Please note: You must enter accurate contact information when registering your domain. Entering inaccurate information can result in your domain being locked and taken away from you by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the governing body for domains.

Set Domain Privacy for your domain name(s) today, and protect your private information!

Domain Privacy helps to protect you from
Unwanted spam
Identity theft
Unintended identity disclosure

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